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Growing sustainably should be profitable

That's why Nutrien Ag Solutions created the Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes Program as a part of our commitment to providing whole-acre sustainable ag solutions.

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Get paid based on
your outcomes

Take advantage of our Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes Program with light data
requirements and a low-hassle, one-year agreement.

Participating crops

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Corn, cotton and wheat growers from select counties will be eligible.

Investing in sustainable
practices can pay

Find out how

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Three simple steps

Once you've enrolled in the program, here are the next steps:

Reduce your nitrogen through improved management practices.

Record your outcomes through Agrible, our digital sustainability platform.

Receive your payment for credits generated, with any additional value paid back to you.


What if I want to renew my agreement after one year?
If you love the program, there's potential for annual re-enrollment for up to ten years.
What is the benchmark for outcome-based payment?
It's based on $15 / ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).
What is Agrible?
Nutrien Ag Solutions offers Agrible, a digital sustainability platform that gives you financial credit for making informed agronomic decisions. Agrible uses predictive agronomic forecasts and sustainability metrics generated from your field-level data. With this information, you can improve operational efficiency, generate new revenue streams from sustainability programs and ensure long-term success for future generations.
What happens if I'm not eligible for the Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes Program?
Nutrien Ag Solutions offers several sustainability outcomes programs. Creating an account in Agrible is free and allows you easily enroll in other opportunities as we make them available throughout the year.

Loveland Products Incentives

Talk to your crop consultant about which Loveland Products would be best for your acres.

If you’re eligible for the Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes Program, you can increase your program payment, and improve your productivity, by using Loveland Products. In addition to the standard program payment, you can receive additional financial incentives of $1-$2 per acre for using any products listed below.*

$2 Per Acre Incentive:

$1 Per Acre Incentive:

* Product use must be new to the acre within the last three years, be on the approved list and meet minimum label application rates. Only enrolled fields qualify for incentive payment. One product incentive per grower, per acre. Payment paid as a credit on your Nutrien Ag Solutions account.

Contact us today to
see if you qualify

The final day to enroll is May 31, 2022

Please fill out the form below and a Nutrien Ag Solutions Crop Consultant will contact you shortly about your eligibility for the program. All fields are required.